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Never Stop Exploring

Never Stop Exploring

I try to find the good in everyone, but sometimes some people will let you down, and i get that, i do. Life may be easier for some, but thats not the case for all. With me, i still have some growing to do, and a lot of learning, and experimenting to do in my role of this world. I dont know what my future holds, and i dont want to wast time trying to figure that out. I want to live my life to my extent, to be happy, and to make the choices of my dreams, that i think would be suitable for me at this time. With NO regrets.

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"I just really want us all to be good enough friends that we can talk about stuff, you know, even when it’s ugly. Especially then.”

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Women’s ice hockey was introduced to the Olympics in 1998. The Canadian women’s team have been gold medalists since 2002. 

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